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“You cannot understand an organisation until you try to change it.”

(Kurt Lewin)

Effective leaders and high performing teams are not created within the confines of a training room, nor from applying even the best of textbook theories. The foundations and building blocks in effective leadership development lie within our attitudes and beliefs and are the true predictors of any lasting change. Leadership is founded upon a chosen set of personal values from which we see knowledge, skill, talent, diversity, personal accountability, resilience and trustworthiness evolve. These are also defining factors in the make-up and characteristics of any successful team.

Attitudes and beliefs cannot be taught or instilled in a classroom either. Nevertheless, in the right learning environment, they can be opened up to self-reflection and a clearer understanding of how fundamental these factors are in any individual or team performance.

Fortunately, unproductive habits and ineffective behaviours certainly can be changed and the knowledge and skills required in effective leadership developed further. More often, this is achieved 'on the job'; sometimes through trial and error and often by successful outcomes or by choosing positive role models to learn with and from. Acquiring new knowledge, experience and the personal insights gained from honest and constructive feedback are further elements in any personal development journey and at key times in one's career this is best achieved 'off-line'; removed from inevitable workplace distractions where leadership capabilities can be tried and tested in the 'practice nets' of a training and development programme.

Effective leadership is developed from direct experiences, practice, and through positive engagement with others. This is when classroom theories become practical and applicable in the workplace. Time is also needed to reflect upon and review one's inner feelings, thoughts and behaviours and how these impact upon those whom we lead, live and work with. Learning about leadership and teamwork in this way make the learning experiences in our programmes and the discussions that follow no longer artificial but as real as those that occur in the working environment.

Knowing our strengths and weaknesses is one thing, but to understand how very differently they impact upon others is a new insight and a breakthrough moment for most leaders. Through experiencing leadership and team development in a highly practical, safe, supportive and enjoyable environment, one can learn to lead others more effectively and build the trust, resilience and support needed in our teams to achieve our mutual goals.

How good a leader are you right now?

Most people reply that, at the very least, they are “above average” ... an interesting conundrum for the statisticians; an impossibility however, for the mathematicians, but taking the necessary steps from being average at anything in life to becoming something more than average will never be easy. In most cases it takes years of practice and personal commitment to achieve one’s full potential. Above all, it takes perseverance and willpower. Those who thought it was easy, seldom, if ever, succeed in making this transition.

The motivation to succeed will almost always beat talent alone and leadership development is no different. Therefore, believing you are above average as a leader is surely not enough. It may endorse the theory of ‘self-enhancement’ but it cannot be the catalyst for future success. To be seen as a true leader who can win the ‘hearts and minds’ of the people one leads is truly one of life’s richest prizes. But first we need clarity on what it really means to be a leader and then the commitment to put in the personal effort needed to get there. Your present role may be the best training ground for future success but if being a better leader is what you aspire to - what more can you do today to move forward in the right direction?

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"George Telfer has worked with our future
leaders and business groups over several years
to bring his broad experience of what it takes to lead in
the 21st century. His engaging style has helped many of our people
to demystify leadership and realise that we are all leaders, but we have to strive
to be effective leaders. George has helped to guide many along this rewarding route."

Ian Hudson
DuPont Europe, Middle East and Africa

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“I think back fondly on my leadership development experiences with George,
both in the UK and in the time he spent with us at Microsoft, Seattle, here in the United States.
Both experiences had a profound impact on my professional life.”

David Tannenbaum
US OEM Sales, Microsoft

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