The LtEI 360 Performance Audit

"A person can only perform from strength. One cannot build performance from weaknesses, and discovering one's strengths requires feedback."

(Drucker, Harvard Business Review)

There are very few things more effective and measurable in improving performance as the willingness and commitment to act upon honest and constructive feedback from a supportive line manager, one's direct reports, and our own peers.

The LtEI 360 Performance Audit is our on-line '360 degree' feedback facility, designed to highlight capabilities and key competencies both as a leader and as a team player in order to identify current strengths and those development areas that may be inhibiting peak performance.

The LtEI 360 Performance Audit provides objective feedback on how your leadership style is perceived by others. It can be used diagnostically to aid in the choice of appropriate training and development interventions and assist in identifying your personal learning objectives in advance of our courses. Additionally, it can help in post-course evaluation some months down-line in analysing and assessing your progress. It can be used both as an individual performance audit or to provide group feedback for your organisation if used in a multiple sense. As an on-line tool, all participants and their chosen recipients simply require internet access and up to 30 minutes contact with our on-line questionnaire.

Key leadership and team behaviours are categorised as follows, with further sub-sections that explore core elements in each of these categories in more detail:

Effective Leadership Factors

Mission and Vision, Strategic Thinking, Business Acumen, Personal Traits, Personal Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Adaptability to Change, Influencing Abilities, Communication Skills, Empowerment, Organisational Skills, Decision Making, Coaching and Mentoring and Team Factors.

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Leadership Courses

Course Dates

Leadership Training Customised Programmes

For organisations and teams with specific objectives requiring a personalised and tailored intervention.

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Leadership Training Open Programmes

A comprehensive range of courses for directors, senior managers, middle-managers and emerging leaders. Open to individuals, groups and organisations.

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Leadership Training Executive Coaching

Personalised, 'one-to-one' coaching from our team of experienced international coaches.

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Leadership Training Specialist Workshops

Specialised, interactive workshops exploring a leadership theme central to an organisation or team's needs at this time.

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