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Leadership through Experience (International) is dedicated to the provision of leadership and team development interventions for organisations willing to invest time and resources into developing their people. Our major focus lies in the design and delivery of customised and specifically tailored interventions in either a single programme or in a more modular approach over a timescale agreed with our clients. As an organisation, LtEI is internationally experienced and culturally aware and our courses can be delivered on location anywhere in the world. A comprehensive range of 'Open Programmes' is also available to meet the needs of participants at all stages of their careers.

"Knowing is one thing … doing is another."

Developing one's leadership capabilities and having a positive influence on the dynamics of group behaviour work best when established theories synthesise with practice and critical self-reflection in an enjoyable experience that engages participants with one another. To become more effective as a leader and as a team requires that we practise what leaders and teams actually do. LtEI believes that an effective leadership or team development programme needs to mirror reality by making the learning experience practical and therefore applicable in the workplace.

Experiential learning is quite simply 'learning through experience' and provides the missing link between theory and practice; moving the learning and the learner out of the training room and into workplace scenarios that mirror reality. This is particularly relevant in leadership development; at the heart of which lies our social interactions, a definition of purpose, the accomplishment of tasks and the evaluation of their outcomes. These elements are as prominent in our courses as they are in the workplace.

Two interrelated principles epitomise learning through experience. The first is 'continuity', with each learning experience building on the previous one. The second is 'interaction', involving people with who and what are around them. Our central tenet is that participants are not satisfied or fulfilled by listening and observing alone; their need is to 'do, feel and understand' in order to create a true sense of purpose.

Our range of Open and Customised Programmes translate these principles into a developmental and sequential framework that consciously removes participants from the demands of their work environment thus allowing them time, freedom and the space to reflect on their own leadership behaviours in a challenging but less precarious setting than where career or reputation may be at stake. The learning experience is never imposed; being invitational and taking place in a safe environment essential for people to open up to personal learning opportunities. The intention is to provide participants with a series of practical leadership and team challenges, thereby engaging people in a self-reflective process that will ultimately form new concepts that undermine previous actions. This 'reflection-in-action' moves people towards new 'theories-in-action' and to a 'reframing' of new principles that determine their 'future actions and behaviours'.


Leadership Courses

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Leadership Training Customised Programmes

For organisations and teams with specific objectives requiring a personalised and tailored intervention.

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Leadership Training Open Programmes

A comprehensive range of courses for directors, senior managers, middle-managers and emerging leaders. Open to individuals, groups and organisations.

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Leadership Training Executive Coaching

Personalised, 'one-to-one' coaching from our team of experienced international coaches.

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Leadership Training Specialist Workshops

Specialised, interactive workshops exploring a leadership theme central to an organisation or team's needs at this time.

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"I first began working
with George Telfer, when we
arranged for 90 of our leaders and
senior managers to undertake a series
of significant personal leadership development
interventions. We insisted that George lead and
facilitate each of the four programmes and, without
exception, the feedback from every participant was highly
positive. The key to this success is George's ability to build trust,
and encourage participants to successfully undertake personal leadership
challenges they might believe is beyond them. He then pulls all this disparate
learning together and enables them to transfer it back into their working environment.
George is an excellent facilitator, his knowledge and enthusiasm guarantee a highly motivated
group of learners. Above all, though, he is authentic, and his passion for learning, coupled with
his desire to develop successful leaders makes him stand out from so many of his peers."

Steve Slater
Head of Leadership and Learning
Scottish Enterprise

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