Coaching (1-2-1)

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leaders in the upper levels of their organisations are influencing or being influenced by an intricate web of actions, reactions and interrelationships both inside and outside the organisation. How they perform and lead their teams within this complex and ambiguous environment defines the quality of their results. However, most of a leader's challenges tend to arise from sources fairly close to home, in and around the people and teams they work with. If we can support and improve these interactions, the leader is much better placed to see and make an impact on the wider horizons from a true and positive perspective.

Fundamentally, this is what coaching 1-2-1 is about … A leader's primary role is to provide clarity for the organisation by effectively communicating its vision and purpose, the strategy for success, and then to ensure its execution. In doing so, they espouse the organisation's values and achieve its goals by empowering and enabling their teams to achieve peak performance. In our experience, most managers and directors already have the raw ingredients required to achieve this. Our role in a coaching partnership is to maintain the leader's focus on the key challenges, develop their skills and effectiveness as a leader and transfer their learning into outcomes and results. We do this by assisting them in identifying and reinforcing effective behaviours and in recognising and changing those ineffective ones that create the blockages inhibiting peak performance.

Our executive coaches are learner-focused and results orientated. They work in a true partnership by focusing on the leader and understanding their challenges; not on resolving their problems for them. They enable the leader to focus on 'what matters' and link their behaviour and that of their teams to outcomes and bottom line results.

If you think LtEI can support you, your organisation or a member of your team in meeting these challenges within a formalised coaching partnership, please click here to contact us for a preliminary conversation.

Leadership Training Customised Programmes

For organisations and teams with specific objectives requiring a personalised and tailored intervention.

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Leadership Training Open Programmes

A comprehensive range of courses for directors, senior managers, middle-managers and emerging leaders. Open to individuals, groups and organisations.

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Leadership Training Executive Coaching

Personalised, 'one-to-one' coaching from our team of experienced international coaches.

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Specialised, interactive workshops exploring a leadership theme central to an organisation or team's needs at this time.

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"I have known and
worked with George over
the last 20 years. He is an
inspirational character with absolute
integrity; prepared to give straight forward
honest guidance and feedback. Personally, as a
CEO I often sought his advice and he never disappointed;
always prepared to spend time listening and providing his perspective.
I have observed George on many courses as a facilitator with Boards and
Senior Directors from some of the largest companies in the world. His style and
modus operandi is always to prepare in meticulous detail but adapt to the nature and
requirements of the participants; then watch, listen, provide feedback and not let the participants duck the issues! Regardless of the nature of the clients he has worked with in the UK, Europe, Middle East or Asia, his approach has always been consistent and effective; clearly producing the right results based upon the number of clients who keep returning for further development."

Ian Buckley
Deputy Chairman and Non-Executive Director
Birmingham Community Healthcare

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