Strong teams will almost always outperform even the most capable of individuals who choose to act and work independently. Success, sustainability and exceptional results require multiple skills, judgements and decisions and becoming a high performing team requires the same. Alongside leadership and a positive atmosphere and attitude within a team, it takes strength and commitment to overcome any inbuilt resistance and move beyond 'group-think' or the silo mentalities that inhibit progress. Without clarity on individual and collective roles, responsibilities and accountabilities within a team; confusion and misunderstanding reigns ... and without communication, there can be no clarity.

Often the biggest challenge encountered in most teams is the reluctance among team members to take responsibility for the performance of other team members, or to willingly allow them to assume responsibility for one's own performance. High performing teams don't allow this to happen; they foster personal growth by focusing on what really matters within the organisation, on its true purpose and by being open and honest with one another. They are 'comfortable with being uncomfortable' and perhaps surprisingly; rather than focusing on just 'becoming a team', they deliver the performance results that engenders the right team behaviours and builds a hard won mutual trust and respect with unconditional support amongst all team members that enables them to become a team.

Therein, lie the challenges for any collective workgroup that aspires to be a great team. The learning process with LtEI involves individual and group decisions, personal responsibility, actions, group feedback and reflective learning that will enable your team to develop and grow in a practical, supportive and enjoyable way.


Leadership Courses

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Leadership Training Customised Programmes

For organisations and teams with specific objectives requiring a personalised and tailored intervention.

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Leadership Training Open Programmes

A comprehensive range of courses for directors, senior managers, middle-managers and emerging leaders. Open to individuals, groups and organisations.

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Leadership Training Executive Coaching

Personalised, 'one-to-one' coaching from our team of experienced international coaches.

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Leadership Training Specialist Workshops

Specialised, interactive workshops exploring a leadership theme central to an organisation or team's needs at this time.

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"Combine one of the
world’s most international
businesses attempting to assert
a more consistent central oversight
with strong end market accountability and
independence; managed by a multi-cultural leadership
team speaking a significant number of languages, strong intellectual
capabilities coupled with healthy egos and you have the recipe for a challenging
group dynamic. That was exactly the situation when I first encountered George and Leadership
through Experience International. Our goal was to work in a more cohesive, collaborative manner across the network from the centre to the end markets. With George’s leadership, insights, experience and gentle prodding we tackled the issues via a range of different challenges to learn and adopt the right behaviours and attitudes to drive the business. Across several two-day sessions we gained greater clarity on the needs of the business, achieved more respect for one another, and embedded several new techniques for interpersonal behaviour all while thoroughly enjoying ourselves in a stimulating environment. George truly did a first class job which more than justified the time and effort of a senior group of managers."

Ken Levy
Executive Director Client Services

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