Coaching for High Performance

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Good leaders make good coaches. The ability to inspire, enable, explain and clarify are qualities and skills synonymous with both. Indeed, coaching is as much a part of leadership as leadership is to coaching.

The Learning Methodology:

This three-day, residential programme introduces participants to the principles of effective workplace coaching. No one begins their career as a coach; however, through experience, practice and application, a range of professional competencies will emerge that will ultimately lead to the central objective in all coaching relationships ... improved performance. Coaching for High Performance combines theory with practice, practice and more practice, in an environment of expertise, feedback, support and enjoyment.

The Overall Objectives:

Coaching for High Performance enables each participant to understand and develop a ‘psychological mindedness’ in order to create a higher level of personal competency in their coaching and a heightened understanding of the importance of developing self-exploration, self-observation and self-awareness in those they coach. Through examining and practising the skills and techniques in established coaching models such as TGROW and CLEAR, the programme also develops these techniques further by introducing LtEI’s own CARE© approach to performance which also highlights the all-important outcomes and results by which improved performance will ultimately be measured in the workplace.

Outcomes and Benefits to the individual:

  • A heightened awareness of the psychodynamics in coaching for high performance
  • A range of coaching skills and techniques
  • An understanding of the personal values and attitudes that define great coaching.

Outcomes and Benefits to the Organisation:

  • Improved organisational performance and results.

The Course Outline (adapted to the experience and developmental needs of the participants):

Day One: Objectives and Outcomes

Early practical sessions provide the opportunity to explore the core skills in effective coaching. This enables participants to practise and reflect upon their skill levels in a supportive environment. The place that psychological mindedness occupies in coaching is explored as are the core models currently favoured in effective coaching. Clarity is provided, particularly around the balance between what a coach should ‘draw out’ as well as ‘put in’; thus enabling participants to understand the relationships and differences between coaching and mentoring, counselling, therapy, teaching and facilitation.

Day Two: Objectives and Outcomes

Day Two introduces a series of further practical coaching exercises; combined with theory to enable participants to develop their own personal coaching style within the recommended frameworks the programme provides. Many coaching programmes focus too much on process or a predetermined set of linear actions and pre-set questions. There is no wisdom in a process and among the myriad of differing questioning techniques, there are only two basic types of questions; productive questions and unproductive questions. In the LtEI CARE© model, each participant is encouraged to think; and combine skill with insight, technique with intuition, thus enabling participants to identify and reinforce effective coaching behaviours and to recognize and avoid ineffective ones.

Day Three: Objectives and Outcomes

Draws the learning from Day One and Day Two together to form a coaching framework for each participant to take back to the reality of their personal working environment in order to begin or resume their roles as coaches and leaders.

Duration: Three days (residential). The course commences at 9:30 AM on Day One and 8:30 AM on subsequent days. Each day concludes at approximately 5:30 PM, with Day Three finishing at 4:00 PM.

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"I have worked with George Telfer
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training for both of the organisations I led. I have
found him to be an extremely effective and indeed inspirational
instructor, mentor and coach. He provides leadership training by example
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to everything he does. I would recommend him to any organisation that wants to improve the performance of its leadership team."

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