Who we are ...

Leadership through Experience (International) is an international training and development organisation focused solely on leadership and team development through the design and delivery of training solutions in client locations around the world. Our vision is to contribute towards a worldly community of inspired and inspiring leaders and high performing teams from all professional backgrounds at a 'local', organisational and individual level. Our goal is to 'make a difference' within the organisations we support and to do so both honestly and ethically. Our client portfolio is both UK based and international and is all inclusive; comprising the private and public sectors, schools and educational institutions and 'Not for Profit' organisations.

George Telfer is LtEI's Director of Programmes. Click here for a more detailed outline of his professional biography.

Our Facilitators and Coaches

LtEI has a wide network of experienced Facilitators and Executive Coaches supporting our open and customised leadership and team development programmes. With such a diverse range of business experience, skills and international backgrounds, we are able to match their background and experience to our clients' requirements. All our coaches and facilitators are practicing managers and directors and remain at the sharp end of business results and change. We also offer a wide range of local language support, including Arabic, Bengali, Finnish, French, German, Russian, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Ukrainian and Urdu.

Our Associate Programme Directors

LtEI has developed strong relationships with academic professors and senior lecturers from several reputable International Business Schools and is able to provide the academic rigour, theory, research and evaluation platforms that some of our client organisations might seek in short master-classes, conference key-note addresses or in programmes requiring professional accreditation.

Our Extended Professional Network

We regard diversity as one of our core strengths and are ever eager to widen our professional networks, particularly among talented individuals with a true passion for developing others. We warmly welcome enquiries from practising managers and directors, particularly with international experience, facilitation and coaching skills. We also welcome enquiries from academic professionals working in the fields of leadership and organisational development.

If you would like to become part of our extended network, please contact enquiries@leadershipthroughexp.com in the first instance for an initial and informal discussion.

Working with LtEI

LtEI is pleased to highlight opportunities for suitably experienced sales professionals experienced in the field of leadership training and development to work with LtEI in developing our client portfolio.

Appointments will be considered on both a UK and international basis, contracted through an Agency agreement.

Interested applicants should forward a current CV to careers@leadershipthroughexp.com inclusive of a short personal statement on how they would add value to the LtEI client base.

What we do ...

"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself."
(Galilei Galileo)

Our focus is on facilitating and enabling individuals and teams to develop as leaders and effective team members at the sharp end of business and organisational performance through experiential learning. By designing and delivering customised leadership and team development programmes, providing a range of open leadership training and development programmes and individual 1 -2-1 coaching, our objective is to provide practical, high impact and transferrable learning interventions. We operate both in the UK and internationally across the full spectrum of private, public, educational and voluntary sectors from board level, through senior and middle-management, to the development of emerging leaders, with the aim of providing an on-going, supportive partnership for our client organisations.

Only by working in partnership can we succeed in our mission to deliver practical action-based learning that supports the development of effective leaders and high performing teams at a global level.

How we do it ...

In his most recent and seminal reference book; 'The Theory and Practice of Leadership', Roger Gill reminds all training organisations engaged in leadership development that this should be "less of an event and more of a continuous process." LtEI believe that, unless we enable participants to harness and retain the personal learning gained from our courses and help them to transfer it back into the workplace, even the best of training courses change nothing; but merely instil the same sentiments as 'the best vacation I ever had', my 'finest meal', 'best film' and 'favourite musical download', etc. We work closely with our client companies to engage and inspire their people towards personally committing to an innovative leadership and personal development programme and ensure that they have the right environment and support on their return to the workplace to apply their key learning points.

Why leadership development ...

As Nikos Mourkogiannis writes in 'Purpose – The Starting Point of Great Companies.'

"Leadership is the ultimate advantage. When good leadership is present, it makes all other advantages possible. And poor leadership can turn even the best advantage to disaster."

There is ample research to show that with appropriate and relevant training and development content and methodology, managers can 'learn to lead'. At whatever stage we are in our development, our best years should always lie before us … The Italians put it best when they say … "Non emi troppo tardi." (It is never too late to learn.)

When and Where ...

Our Open Programmes are pre-scheduled for 2013 and can be viewed on our Courses Calendar. Additional 'Open Programmes' can be added for single organisations and single groups of up to eight participants are able to attend one of our existing Open Programme as a single group.

Our Open and Customised Programmes are delivered on location all over the world and, subject to reasonable notice, at times best suited to our clients.


Leadership Courses

Course Dates

Leadership Training Customised Programmes

For organisations and teams with specific objectives requiring a personalised and tailored intervention.

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Leadership Training Open Programmes

A comprehensive range of courses for directors, senior managers, middle-managers and emerging leaders. Open to individuals, groups and organisations.

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Leadership Training Executive Coaching

Personalised, 'one-to-one' coaching from our team of experienced international coaches.

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Leadership Training Specialist Workshops

Specialised, interactive workshops exploring a leadership theme central to an organisation or team's needs at this time.

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"George has a deep
understanding of the theory
and practice of leadership and
leadership development, which is
evident in all his teaching, coaching,
consultancy, research and writing on the
subject. His distinguished MBA dissertation,
'Unforeseen Outcomes in Leadership Development
Programmes', at the University of Strathclyde Business
School is a testimony to the originality, thoughtfulness and insight
that he displays in his highly readable writings and his mastery of the subject.
George's additional strong research skills and easy empathy with clients make him a highly effective consultant in the field of leadership and leadership development."

Professor Roger Gill
Visiting Professor of Leadership Studies
Durham Business School, Durham University

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