Aspire to Lead

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A foundation programme for 'new leaders' in transition from 'leading self' to 'leading others'

The Learning Methodology:

The programme introduces the participants to a range of personal and peer reflection sessions built around a series of practical challenges and business simulations designed to draw out the core skills and behaviours required in leading self and others effectively. Immediate review sessions enable participants to reflect on their attitudes, motives and behaviours and then encourages them to consider how to approach future challenges based upon the experiences gained. No feedback on any individual's performance is given or relayed back to respective organisations and within this safe and supportive learning environment each participant is encouraged to question and challenge themself and each other through self-reflection and peer feedback. Each day concludes with a 30 minute personal audit of the day's key learning points for implementation both during and following the remainder of the course.

The Overall Objectives:

The Aspire to Lead Programme enables participants to understand the roles and responsibilities of a leader and the relationship between leadership and management. Through practice, theory and review we explore the key internal drivers that affect personal leadership and followership behaviours in the workplace. The overall objective is to raise self-awareness, through experiential learning, in the following core themes in order to build a personal development plan that will enable participants to lead and influence others more effectively in the workplace.

  • Self-Image and perception
  • Facilitation skills
  • Communication and active listening
  • Influencing others
  • Self-reflection, self- control, self-confidence (the building blocks of Emotional Intelligence)
  • The themes of fear, trust and motivation
  • Learning theories
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • The importance of trust
  • How to plan personal and daily personal development strategy following the programme.

Outcomes and Benefits to the individual:

  • A greater level of self-awareness
  • A new approach to the use of time
  • An understanding of the personal values and attitudes that define behaviour and performance.

Outcomes and Benefits to the Organisation:

  • Emerging leaders with the values and beliefs required in effective leaders in order to achieve results through others
  • Practiced techniques in influencing others and thinking strategically
  • Empowerment and facilitation techniques
  • Questioning and listening skills.

The Course Outline (adapted to the experience and developmental needs of the participants):

Day One: Objectives and Outcomes

Practical sessions enable participants to explore the importance of perception and how this impacts upon others positively and negatively. Communication is explored to enable participants to communicate more effectively. Day One gives participants an opportunity to think and reflect upon the positive and negative elements of their own self-image.

Day Two: Objectives and Outcomes

Day Two utilises practical exercises and theory to enable participants to explore and uncover their own personal drives and motivation. Group work, facilitated by the programme team, seeks to align these elements with each participant's understanding of their own team behaviours back in the workplace. The theory and practice of Emotional Intelligence is introduced and applied, enabling participants to identify and reinforce good leadership and team behaviours and to recognize and change the negative ones.

Day Three: Objectives and Outcomes

Explores how we learn best and how we can enable our teams to learn too. Personal 'stocktaking' sessions, reflect participants on what they are learning about themselves, how they can apply this to their current roles, and how this will impact on others. We develop the theme of fear in its many forms and how this can be a major inhibitor to personal development. A full length feature film towards the end of the day brings together these core elements of self-image, perception, motivation and fear with a central focus on trust (the core element of day four) and a personal compass for the final day.

Day Four: Objectives and Outcomes

Begins with a practical 'energiser' to stimulate thought and reflection. A group session discusses the key learning from the previous day and how the core elements from the film apply in the workplace. Trust forms the central theme in the plenary and group work sessions with the penultimate session of the day centred upon each participant giving and receiving personal feedback. The final programme session enables each participant to 'play back' their personal key learning points gained from each of the four days and their personal objectives following the course.

Duration: Four days (residential). The course commences at 9:30 AM on Day One and 8:30 AM on subsequent days. Each day concludes at approximately 5:30 PM with Day four finishing at 4:00 PM.

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"Working with George
over the past three years
has enhanced the true meaning
of leadership and teamwork amongst
our staff. In addition to George's facilitative
techniques and theories; the practical challenges,
and the leadership and team work required, create a
wonderful recipe for understanding and appreciating both
the elements and the art of "leading self, team and task!"

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