Strategic Leadership Programme

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For directors and senior managers engaged in defining and implementing the strategic direction of the organisation.

A leader's role is not just to define the organisation's strategy. Indeed, the most effective strategies often evolve over time and need not always require a detailed and formalised process. However, defining strategy, even in the broadest outline, cannot be separated with its execution. Leaders must drive through the implementation of strategy or else the internal and external forces at play will ultimately drive them. Executing a winning strategy, through teams, individuals, and the optimal use of the organisation's resources is the ultimate responsibility of leaders and top teams. It is also the harsh criterion upon which they will be measured.

  • What are the key external challenges facing your organisation now and in the future?
  • How are these challenges impacting on your organisation?
  • What do you see as the outcomes of these challenges?
  • What matters to the organisation?
  • What can you, as a leader, do about these?
  • What decisions will you take to meet these challenges?

The objective of the Strategic Leadership Programme is to explore the 'head and heart' of leadership and the core elements of vision, purpose, strategy and values alongside how you lead and influence others through empowerment and engagement. Through the four LtEI lenses of attitude, influence, clarity and action, we work through a range of practical and theoretical sessions to uncover the core issues facing you as a leader with the added dimension of peer-support and feedback,

Course Objectives

The central objective is to provide new insights on your preferred leadership style and how you can adapt into how you can lead your teams more effectively whilst creating a top-line perspective on strategy and implementation.

The Learning Methodology:

Through a series of simulated and practical leadership challenges, performance reviews, feedback, 'best practice' and central plenary sessions, the course creates the right environment to practice the key elements of effective leadership at a strategic level. Through the use of ModusĀ©, LtEI's proprietary psychometric tool, "how you lead" is explored through the support of group feedback. Participants will be encouraged to test themselves both in the practice and the theory of leadership and learn both from success and failure. Giving, receiving and accepting open, honest and constructive feedback and acting upon it are essential components of the course.

An optional inclusion of the LtEI 360 Performance Audit, pre-course, with a post-course coaching intervention is also available. (Please click here for further details.)

The Overall Objectives:

To enable participants to further develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours expected and required by their organisations' at a strategic level, the course supports each participant's development by covering the following themes;

  • leading by personal example, through personal influence, clarity and action
  • the vision, values and purpose of the organisation
  • communicating a vision
  • leadership, empowerment and motivation
  • setting and implementing strategy
  • dealing with ambiguity and multiple stakeholders
  • leading diverse teams to manage the task
  • achieving tasks more effectively by harnessing different but complimentary talents and skills
  • driving through change.

Outcomes and Benefits:

Through effective objective setting and in line with the business goals and values of the organisation, strategic objectives are met by having;

  • improved strategic thinking and implementation
  • an improved monitoring, supporting and performance review structure for leadership
  • established and outdated norms and practices challenged
  • the more effective use of resources
  • measurable risk taking
  • knowledge sharing.

The course will also reinforce the hard edge of achieving business results through others.

Course Outline:

Day One: Objectives and Outcomes

A series of practical projects and interactive sessions develop the understanding of vision and strategy. Immediate post-project reviews develop the skill of reflecting in action. Theoretical models focus on the appropriate leadership behaviours required in achieving tasks through effective communication. Group work focuses each participant on sharing their personal workplace challenges.

The outcomes of day one are the development of a higher level of 'thinking' as well as 'acting' at a leadership level and the opportunity to process the key issues within your own organisation.

Day Two: Objectives and Outcomes

A series of iterative practical projects and interactive sessions develop the understanding of strategy at a corporate, business and functional level and the purpose of the organisation. The challenges of communicating and implementing strategy are reviewed through the current tools and techniques available and how to involve a larger group if new ideas or stronger implementation is required.

The outcomes of day two are the opportunity to assess and evaluate your own organisation's present strategy.

Day Three: Objectives and Outcomes

Day Three focuses participants on a series of short business oriented projects that uncover change, competition, ambiguity, cooperation and influence and how your own team currently operates. Through the use of ModusĀ©, LtEI's proprietary psychometric tool, your preferred leadership style is explored with the help of group feedback and the insights uncovered.

The outcomes of Day Three are the understanding of what it takes to build high performing teams and the personal commitments of participants to commit and contribute effectively to their respective teams.

Day Four: Objectives and Outcomes

Maintaining a focus on personal leadership is done through a 'deep dive' personal reflection session centred on motivation and empowerment.

Course Duration: Four days (residential). The course commences at 9:30 AM on Day One and 8:30 AM on subsequent days. Each day concludes at approximately 5:30 PM with the evenings (pre and post-dinner) designated as free-time, although creating informal opportunities to discuss mutual issues amongst peers. Day Four finishes at 4:00 PM.

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"I have known George
in a professional capacity
for more than ten years now;
during which he has planned, organised
and delivered leadership training for myself and
several of my management teams. On a personal basis
I found his input, direction and development to be the most
insightful and impactful personal development I have had. Some of
my senior management colleagues, however, were initially sceptical about
"leadership development"; believing there was little in it for them. Those thoughts
changed very quickly when they began to work with George, and while the word transformation is
too easily used and misused, some did actually go through a significant transformation. My experience is that changing organisations is impossible without leadership and my experience is that working with George significantly builds and strengthens that leadership capability. "

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Senior Civil Servant: The Scottish Executive
Director: Job Centre Plus Scotland
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